Artist Statement

Photography, for me, falls into two distinct categories, both of which enhance my view of the world. There is the opportunistic image seized from the wild winds of a winter storm high in the mountains. There is little time for composition, just enough of a gap in the weather to create the image. To wait, to deliberate on aperture, exposure and viewpoint, is to waste the moment. Some of my best creations have come about through these very moments. My street photography often falls into this category.

The other aspect of my photography is the slow, considered, planned creation of an image. To work with sun times and the golden hour. The solitude and silence of remote places, long seen in my mind's eye, transformed into experience. This is the story telling side of photography. Using digital darkroom techniques I can take the raw material provided by the camera and transform it to create my story. The story of place, of mood, of atmosphere. The story of people who were once there. From imagination to finished print, it's a journey I never tire of making.

A lot of my photography has a creative crossover with my writing and Gaelic poetry and it's in this liminal space, where three arts meet, that I find I'm at my creative best. Telling stories with images.

Alistair Young
Writer, photographer, mountaineer
Isle of Skye